Pakistan Society Of Clinical Perfusionists


Since the beginning of open heart surgery leaving the one or two each and every perfusionist was an unqualified professional who just knew how to pump blood through heart-lung machine and had no background knowledge of cardiovascular perfusion sciencs or even the basic human anatomy. Until today we have got the senior perfusionists with no countable qualifications that may make them eligible to do perfusion. The competency of a perfusionist builds with knowledge and skills and off course with experience but someone who has no basic knowledge how can he observe in depth experiences???

    Anyway, the perfusionists of Pakistan has known that every country where perfusionists lives their society also exists! Bearing this in mind ( and off course for their own profit ) they have built a society now known as ‘Pakistan Society of Clinical Perfusionists’ or simply ‘PSCP’ which is built along with the collaboration of ‘Pakistan Society of Cardiothoracic Surgeons’.

Central Body
Society Zonal Divisions :

    alpha zone – Sindh having central in Karachi at Aga Khan University Hospital.

    bravo zone – Punjab and KPK having central in Lahore at the Punjab Institute of Cardiology


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